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Monday, February 4, 2008

. switch .

Hey peeps, I have moved my blog to here

sorry for the inconvenience caused. thanks and have a nice day

Monday, January 28, 2008

. 21 on 21st Cen .

This is his birthday, 21st birthday. He is someone who is down to earth, stands both feet on the ground, knows how to care for friends, and be there whenever you need him. Can be dead stubborn at times but there he is, John Fung :)ng (:ng. Shit i dunno whats his full name but i know it rhymes lol so i replace a smiley face there. Oi, happy birthday bro.

We prepared a small celebration for him, bought a cake and sung a song for him in AsiaCafe. Empat batang only celebrate his bday dunno he dulan or not. Woot! Ok lah let the picture do the talkings.

Introducing the main character of the night, the cake.

John: This is the jackass birthday boi.

The 'golden' brothers: Haha notice our Adidas and Nike sneakers

Me, DongXiao, John and Ernest

Me: Sapu cake time!

Main character kena tapau

Dong: This is how we ate. No spoon

Ernest: Damn cute rite? Like hamster

John: He dulan, just take d whole cake surface board and eat.

Present day, night @ Zenmai Sushi

Group pic

Rachael's gift

She's wearing it for the lucky ass

Carbon Fibre wallet from us

Oi, you two faster get married can or not?

Wei, must i write a conclusion ah? Fuck lah this is not essay also i dou wan to write can ah?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

. Fresh .

hey peeps. recently i found out something new, pure, and most importantly cool organized by these bunch of friendly and sincere people, models i mean -> Models Magazine <- "This project is more than just a magazine. It was done not for the purpose of selling. But promoting, elevating, encouraging and providing maximum exposure and publicities, this magazine provides platforms for ANYONE out there who dare to dream, people who aren;t afraid to learn and try, because everyone can be beautiful... " These are extracted from the Model's Mag blog, which you people who are interested can have a click


Its a very good experience and the people here are really friendly, we threat every body nice like family. But if your attitude is like a piece of shit, we appreciate your input, but please, fuck off.

Anyway we launched a fashion show last week for the Model Magazine's Grand Lauch @ Sg Wang. Attached are the pictures taken by various photographers, credits to all of them especially Yeo Han, and people who posted it on friendster so that i can steal :P I dun take any credits. Im kinda bad with names, im sorry if i forgot their names, or got their spelling wrong. forgive me.

Here goes:

Leng Yein presenting the magazine

Mrs Pretty

Thats me

Mr Handsome

Mrs Beautiful







Jeff JEff

This is JL my sis

Wai Leng


Jess this is

This is Alvin!!!


Meeeeeeeee (:

Leng Sean


This is Yvonne

Here, Crayon

Woot Darren




Say hi to Peipei

My dai lou, Guan Hoe

Sassy ...

Group pic

Had a lotta fun that night with these people. Sometimes money isnt the only thing that makes the world go round (:

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

. moments .

Wei, why always get scolding for not updating wan? Haha anyway i updating now la. Ok Im doing this because of you Sarah <-- she screwed my balls for not updating my blog. Happy anot c'mon less balll squeezing its painful. Holiday, so boring yet so fun. Can sleep at home doing nothing but people say Im getting skinnier already =( .. Before this already so skinny like root now skinner like chopstick laa haihs. But then ar I ate lots you know, I cant stop eating at home wan leh in front of computer but dont know why my metabolism doesn't seem to be working anymore. Maybe my sexual hormones overdo the metabolism oledi. Cause Im getting horny easily wahahaha.

Oh ya oh ya I almost forgotten, ey I cut my hair and it sucked wei. Now my hair makes me looks so so so square and from far I look like sponge bob square pants, but its my head so we shall call it sponge bob square head. WTF wei, i asked for a clean cut, but they gave me an ass cut.

Anyway I had a nice Christmas eve, nothing creative but fun with my homeboys and friends man, both 1U and Bambo9. Watched the Warlords [投名状] at the theater, omg omg brothers for life weiiii!!! Live with brothers, die also die with brothers, in brothers' hands you say cool anot? Im into these kinda chinese ancient themed, war and brotherhood stories especially the Young and Dangerous, so its a good show to watch wei.

Wei I couldn't get the pics for the club action @ bambo9 was tipsy all around so I couldnt remember who took the pictures. It was Jun's bday anyway, so..
happy belated birthday Lum U Jun !! So I will post some pics for Christmas eve's.

Looks familiar??

Guess who I found, my old school friend from Melb

Chilling @ Dragon-i

Notice our shirts. *Dun mess wit us* haha

Awww.. this are Suyin and Elly.

And then we went on to ...


Watch him, he fucks d ball like he hates it.

Sexo wit a ball?

Haha a right pic with a right boy hehe :P

Me: This guy sucks ..

Ernest: This is not any better

John F: F*ck you lookin at, b*tch?

Liau: Shortest and dirtiest playa in the game

This is what happened everytime you fei kei

Saw and Jin Ning

There goes another camwhoring act.

Fooling around..


All I need is you, baby ..

Poser boys !!!

Backstreet Boys third gen, the Pussy Boys

Whoa, sexy back nia ..


P/S: I miss my say